The World Rover Moot is basically the best thing since sliced bread. The website set-up by the organizers of this amazing event have done a great job already of explaining how the programme works. If this is your first time, we encourage you to read over their website as it is different from the everyday Scouting event. If you still have questions, we encourage you to join our Facebook Group to engage other Rovers or you can use the Contact page to connect directly with the Head of Contingent for Canada 🇨🇦.

Now that you know where to find out all things-Program, this page will focus on what you need to register for and attend this super awesome moot.

If you are a member of Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada, use the link below:

If you are a member of L’Association des Scouts du Canada, use the link below:

Register Here

Register Here

Terms and Conditions of Registration / Attending the Moot

Time to Adult… these are the expectations and conditions for each registrant regardless of organization and are in addition to the policies, rules, etc. that your organization and the World Scouting Moot may have or will have in place. It is your responsibility to read through them, print them if necessary, and ensure you understand and abide by them.


  • All registrants (participating youth and ISTs) must carry adequate “Out of Country Medical Insurance”. Do not rely on your provincial health plan to cover all costs incurred abroad. Some private medical benefit packages may include some degree of Out of Country Medical Insurance but each registrant must ensure a sufficient level of coverage. The insurance coverage must: 
    • include a worldwide emergency hotline to call in case of trouble. 
    • cover hospital and medical costs, medical evacuation and medical escort if required.
    • pay foreign hospital and related medical costs up front. (If you have to use medical facilities abroad, or purchase medications covered by the insurance, make sure you get original receipts for the costs, which the registrant would need to pay at the time. Insurance companies will not accept photocopies.)
    • adequately cover pre-existing conditions, or you may have to buy additional coverage if you have ongoing medical problems.
  • All registrants (participating youth and ISTs) travelling by commercial carrier must carry adequate “Trip Cancellation Insurance”. 
  • Prior to the event, all registrants must provide contingent organizers with details of the insurances held.


  • Each registrant will be required to confirm and address their own travel document requirements (including passports, visas, etc.) taking into account their own citizenship and residency situation. 
  • All registrants must arrange for their own transportation (including all airport transfers) from home to the Moot opening in the Dublin city centre and back to home from the Moot base camp at Malahide Castle. Contingent organizers will communicate more details as they become available. Should any common travel arrangements be made, each registrant would be responsible for their own portion of travel costs and confirmation of their involvement.
  • No formal pre or post expeditions are currently being considered by contingent organizers. Contingent organizers will communicate, as they become available, details of opportunities which may present themselves. Should any common travel/accommodation arrangements be made, each registrant would be responsible for their own portion of such costs and confirmation of their involvement.
  • Prior to the event, all registrants must provide their travel details to contingent organizers.

Pre-Moot Preprations

  • All registrants are expected to review each information bulletin published by the Irish Moot organizers.
  • It is anticipated that each registrant will be required to complete certain training prior to the event and must provide proof, on a timely basis, of its completion to contingent organizers. More details will be released when available. (Note: similar past events have required a 3 hour online training be completed). ISTs may be required to complete additional training.
  • It is anticipated that each participant will need to communicate online with other members of their anticipated international patrol prior to the event. More details will be released when available.  
  • It is anticipated that each IST will be apprised by Irish Moot organizers of their role(s) prior to the event. Certain roles may require the IST arriving certain days before the official Moot start and/or staying after the official Moot end. More details will be released when available.  
  • Each registrant must provide their own personal equipment for the length of the Moot. They must include their personal eating equipment (mess kit), personal sleeping tent, and personal sleeping equipment. Group cooking equipment and food (ingredients) will be provided by the Irish Moot organizers.  


  • The terms and conditions (including payment schedules) for the Canadian contingent are all closely linked to those of the Irish Moot organizers. Any special issues or concerns for potential members of the Canadian contingent to the Moot should be addressed to a member of the Contingent Management Team (CMT.)  
  • All registrants (participants and ISTs) must be members in good standing of Scouts Canada, L’Association des Scouts du Canada, or Girl Guides of Canada . The three organizations will work collaboratively via the CMT to allow its members to participate together as a member of the Canadian contingent to the Moot.
  • The number of ISTs allowed to register as part of the contingent is dependent on the number of participants registered with the contingent. Accordingly, confirmation of participation of ISTs may be delayed in some circumstances.
  • Early bird registration discounts for participants may be limited as the Irish Moot organizers reserve the right to limit the number of early registrations per contingent. Should this situation occur, CMT will communicate that information once available.
  • Should any payment deadlines not be met by a registrant, their registration may be cancelled or their total registration cost may rise to align with registrants who joined at a later date. Any specific concerns should be addressed to a member of the CMT prior to the published due date.
  • Any additional costs related to pre and post moot activities/accommodation/transport are not included in the Canadian contingent fees. Program, camping facilities (excluding personal tents and personal equipment), patrol food and transport during the Moot (from opening ceremonies to in the Dublin City Centre until the end of the Moot at the base camp) are included. Canadian contingent fees do include certain items of national contigent kit (details to be provided later).


Below is a breakdown of how much the event registration costs excluding the aforementioned additional costs for Participants. There are two choices that only differ monetarily and are based on the registration deadline and payment schedule. You should select the one that works best for you.

Participant Fee
Registration DeadlineTBD
Total Canadian
Contingent Fee for Participants
Payment Schedule:
Deposit – due now$500.00
April 15, 2021N/A
June 15, 2021N/A
September 15, 2021$500.00
October 15, 2021$500.00
February 15, 2022$700.00

Payments will be accepted either through Interac or cheque. Details will be provided upon registration on who and how to pay.


  • Generally, consider all payments to the Canadian contingent to be non-refundable. Any refund requests will be reviewed by the CMT on a case-by-case basis. A final decision by the CMT approval may be delayed while the Irish Moot organizers are consulted as to whether they will allow the contingent a fee adjustment. 
  • The Irish Moot organizers will generally provide special consideration for refunds IF any necessary travel visas into Ireland were denied AND proof is provided that the individual applied in a timely manner (over 8 weeks in advance) AND requested the assistance of the Moot Team via the CMT.  
  • Up until March 25, 2021, should an individual’s registration be cancelled (by the participant/IST OR by the CMT) and another person is available to register for that same category of space), the original individual will be refunded any amounts paid to the Canadian contingent only after the replacement is up-to-date in paying for the replacement registration. The CMT will work to help facilitate such a change.
  • After March 25, 2021, a cancelled registration is only transferable to another individual if both the CMT and the Irish Moot organizers agree to the transfer.  
  • In the very unlikely event that the Moot is cancelled, any refunds are first at the discretion of the Irish Moot organizers. Any amounts refunded to the Canadian contingent would be returned to participants, after adjustment for any outlays already made on behalf of the contingent, on a principled basis.
  • In setting the Canadian contingent fees, certain assumptions have been made (most importantly regarding foreign exchange fees). CMT is comfortable that the assumptions are reasonable and sufficient. Should any significant surplus/savings be achieved (such as due to favourable exchange rate movements), pro-rated amounts would be sent to participants. Should there be unexpected events that significantly impact the Canadian contingent registration fees, CMT would communicate with registrants in a timely manner.